Music composers, producers and performers. Music supervisors and consultants for TV, film & corporate videos.

Work includes music for the following BBC series' as well as ITV & Channel Four productions:


Written and presented by David Dimbleby 'Seven Ages of Britain' was the third and most ambitious landmark series ever undertaken by the BBC. First broadcast on BBC One in January 2010 to over 5.6 million viewers in the UK, with repeats on BBC Two and BBC Four.  The series, which has gone on to be broadcast and sold in over 100 countries accompanied by a book and DVD, has been watched by over 800 million viewers.

Our in-house singer and recording artist, Eleni Violaris, wrote and performed all the vocal cues for the series, including the end title song, which was sung in Anglo-Saxon - an original concept that we especially devised for the series and that made a huge impact on viewers.



Age of Revolution, Seven Ages of Britain - BBC One

In the 17th century, the people of Britain learned to question everything. The result was the Civil War, in which everyone, including artists, had to take sides. Out of it came a reinvented monarchy, a



Written and presented by Francesco da Mosto, 'Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage, was the BBC's second landark series. As well as being music consultants for the series, Magic Sphere contributed original music, which was composed by Eleni Violaris, who also performed all the vocal cues. This 12-part series was first broadcast in the UK in the spring of 2008 to 3.4 million viewers, with excellent reviews.


Magic Sphere Entertainment were music consultants to Chris Nicolaides, the principal composer of this four part BBC series, which was first broadcast in the UK in February 2009 to 4.5 million viewers, with excellent reviews.