Eleni Violaris

- Fan Comments -

“Rainstriker is a real winner” - John Kelleher, Head of Warner Classics & Jazz  

“In turns lyric, epic, and elegiac, these lush and deeply imaginative reinterpretations of Anglo-Saxon and Celtic tales, themes, words, and legends offer today’s audience distant echoes of a vanished past only dimly remembered, but here artistically and theatrically represented in the gorgeous voice of Eleni Violaris and the soaring sounds of her inspired and inspiring music” - Andy Orchard (British academic in Old English, Norse and Celtic literature and Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon at the University of Oxford and a fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford).

"Rainstriker is a dazzling and inspiring debut: an immersive, cinematic experience with Enya-esque spirituality and virtuoso arrangements leavened by a rich tapestry of stories drawn from Celtic and Norse history and mythology. A star is born in Eleni's singing, pure as a mountain stream yet deeply emotive as in tracks like 'The Linden' or the achingly beautiful 'Dream Spinner', her rich tone reminiscent of a young Madonna transformed into Middle-Earth heroine." Hamish McCartan (writer & producer).

"This is Bill Everatt, I’m a professional broadcaster of 38 years experience, having worked on Commercial Radio in three countries including the UK. I have also held positions of Managing Director as well as Head of Production. Eleni’s songs first came to my attention when I heard her album Rainstriker. I would consider Eleni a talented and first-class singer/songwriter whose music appeals to a wide audience and is stylish enough to cross over with Popular and neo-Classical audiences. I have selected her music for airplay and will be recording a special programme about her at the earliest opportunity."

5* Star Amazon Reviews:

“Simply AMAZING! A MUST BUY this has to be the best album I have bought in years. Eleni Violaris’ voice makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and gives me goosebumps. I can see huge things to come!” - Lee Nash

“One of the most beautiful music I've ever heard! Eleni's songs are heavenly and earthy both at a time! Mystical songs with a great voice! All fifteen songs are phenomenal! They tell old stories and legends! There are also beautiful love songs! Just a special CD! Get your own!” - Poseidon 11

“Excellent album just really disappointed that it's not available on cd... quick update... Thank you to the record label, Magic Sphere, for producing this amazing album on cd format. It means a lot when you listen to the fans. Much respect and thanks” - Colin Wilson

“A memorable album... I've been looking for a decent alternative to the amazing Loreena McKennet for a long time, and not been able to find any Lady who comes anywhere near. But Eleni Violaris gets very close... lovely voice, great lyrics and wonderful music. Float away on this Lady's sound, make love, be inspired. She really does it where others fail at the first fence. Obvious Pagan influence with shades of Blackmore's Night and a bit of Nightwish thrown in. I love this album, played it over and over. More please…” - By A H.

“Just wow!! I heard Beowulf and Grendel on an internet radio station and had to buy this album.

I haven't listened to the whole thing, but on this track, she is Sarah Brightman's equal, no questions asked. Greatness!” -By JHarrison

"I cannot praise this artist enough.

Absolutely beautiful vocals, complex melodies, and moving lyrics.

“Beautiful, haunting, inspiring. This debut album from Eleni Violaris is a must have for anyone who enjoys music with a celtic feel and fantasy flair This music is befitting of a quest for any hero. I highly recommend it” - Steve Geerligs, iTunes CA

A selection of fan comments from over 15,000 Facebook fans from 45 countries and 127 cities around the world (10,000 from the US):

“Rainstriker is without any doubt the best album I have heard so far. I love this music. Will it be available as a CD too?” - Gunter Arentzen

"Hello, I just wanted to say that yours is one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. Absolutely amazing!" -

Frank, USA.

“Woman, you have a more than golden voice! Gorgeous!” ... Veramaria Ladicha 20 May

"Eleni, you are a breath of calming winds and breeze. I love your sound, I love your calming but powerful voice. This is quite new for me and lady, you hit me hard. Thank you so much for entering my World. I've already sent your preview tracks from 'Rainstriker' to friends of mine. They too will love this exciting new world of music." Kurt Howarth, Canada

"You have bewitched me, I can not turn off the computer. I listen to you again and again and again. I need the CD! :)" - Ludovic, Via Facebook.

"Eleni I just found you now. I just want to say not only are you beautiful but you have a beautiful voice to go with it. I love how you sing. Love your music. I can't wait to hear more of you. Love your page." - Loreena, via Facebook

“I just listened to your song Beowulf and Grendel you have a remarkable voice. Keep it up you're going to do great things”.

“Hi! I've listened to your samples on Facebook! And was really blown away! What a beautiful kind of music! Wonderful!” - Wolfram Arer

“Incredibly beautiful, your new album, Eleni! Really all songs are gorgeous!” - Veramaria Ladicha

“With so much talent comes responsibility and you have what it takes to become a huge star. Just keep pushing forward.” - Lil’ Revelation, Via Twitter

“Do you believe in magic? You shall after being enchanted by @EleniViolaris' artistry. #music” - Earl Appleby, Via Twitter

“@EleniViolaris is one of the brightest new voices of today and is going to get even better through her career.

Wishing her the best.” - Lil’ Revelation, Via Twitter

“Wow, you are amazing. Love your lyrics and your wonderful voice :) Keep up the good work :)” - Opheliya M., Via Twitter

"My goodness, you are a diamond my girl. Unreal, what an itinerary, what a fabulous childhood you must've had. You are already a superstar Eleni, you just gotta bring that Aura and brightness to Canada. We just finished a long cold winter here and we need the warmth of your beautiful voice and glorious music to warm our hearts. Just listened to the whole album, well, in preview format and love the songs - 'Dream Spinner' and 'Tears for a Friend' along with 'Believe in Magic' and 'Rainstriker'. Can't wait for the Album. My friends are so excited about this new fabulous sensation, Eleni Violaris." - Kurt, Calgary, Canada.

"You are an amazing artist, your voice and the music, and the words of your songs embed really deep into the hearts and minds of your listeners, we can close our eyes and just let the music just take over and take everyone on a wonderful journey and stay there for awhile; each song would take the listener to a whole new inner experience, I really enjoyed your preview tracks, each song has wonderful artistry." - Jim, via Facebook

“Can’t wait for the cd you are a very talented singer and very beautiful you got a beautiful voice” – Johnny Davis, Campbellsville, Kentucky, USA

“Eleni it’s fantastic music - you’re an angel!” - Gerard Philippe Montoya (USA)

“Beautiful voice... haunting music... gave me chills... look forward to hearing more"

- Nancy Piddington

"Eleni Violaris...Angelic voice, transcending music, unique, quality sound" - Lesa, via Facebook.

"Wonderful voice...enchanting music...ok I'm hooked!!!” - Sylvie, via Facebook

“Beautiful voice and enchanting music.” - Shane Copeland

“Your voice is totally hypnotizing me, just like a mermaid good luck, Keep the good work”

– Karim Sfeir

"Thank you so much for the reply back Eleni, never thought I would get a reply, it shows the person that you are. You're compassionate and you're real. Eleni, you are going to be a huge, huge success. I know it, my friends know it. We love music. I love all music. I'm 47 yrs old, and I've seen over 300 concerts in my life. And I cannot wait to see you in person, giving us a gift of listening to your beautiful fresh new sound. We need it here in Canada. Ok, so, make sure you put Canada as a destination for a tour. I don't know what it is about this new sound you're putting out, but girl, it's intoxicating. I crave listening to it every morning as I drink my first cup of tea. Take care, and hopefully we'll see you soon at a venue. I'll see you anywhere" - Kurt Howarth.

“Hi Tony, I was on YouTube looking for a song. Found your daughter there. She has an amazing voice and charisma! Stunning!” - Maine Ahlquist

“I think it's a great album and I'm playing it to death both at home and in the car.” - Paul Watson

"Hope this isn't too forward but, I thought you should know that among my musical favorites I enjoy traditional Celtic music

going back to groups like Clanad, Enya , Lorena Mckennett and so on. I feel that you fit in right along with them, beautiful vocals and music. Thank you for sharing your talent and in essence part of your heart and soul, very beautiful. God bless." - Andrew, USA.

“Well, hello there my Angelic friend, I'm in Montreal for a much-needed visit with family and friends. I'm messaging you cause I've put the word out to everyone I know here. I left them speechless when I played your "Rainstriker: song preview album. I watched them anxiously and was ecstatic by their reaction. Eleni, you hit something when you made this album. Its different than anything that I, my family or anyone else has ever heard. They LOVE you, love your voice, they love your sound, and they love the comfort and soulfulness of this new style, new era of music you have brought into our lives. Just wanted to give you some feedback and fill your day and hopefully swell that confidence you surely have from comments from another Canadian City, You're a Hit here, I'm tickled to give you this great news. Hope you're well Sweet Eleni, take care, and get some rest, you're clearly very busy and you will be for years to come. Lol. It's a good thing. I wish you the very best of luck, you won't have time for me anymore, you'll be pulled from every angle and by everyone from every corner of the Globe, I know it. I'm gonna miss our conversations, but I know you're well on your way. Hugs from Canada. All the very best Eleni” - Kurt Howarth

"Listened to the previews of the album, will look for it next time I'm at the music section at Barnes and Noble. Great voice and music, always been a fan of New Age and Celtic styles. Will also look for additional albums as you create more." - Theodore, USA.

"I just discovered your beautiful music a few minutes ago. I would like to know, is the album/CD going to be available in the United States? I certainly hope so!!! Because I really want a copy! Do you have any previous CDs? I love the composition of your music and your beautiful voice!" - Sherri, via Facebook

“Rien n'est beau comme la voix humaine, quand elle est belle. Partage superbe!”


“Nothing is as beautiful as the human voice, when the singer is as beautiful. Sharing superb!” - Albert Chicove

“I just listened to your song Beowulf and Grendel you have a remarkable voice. Keep it up you're going to do great things.

I've never heard of you until now but I will be listening to your music and I hope you continue to chase your dreams.”

“Eleni Violaris, beautiful singer. get her album in June, I can't say how much I love listening to my copy, every day since Xmas. Please Google her” - Paul Watson

“l’album vient de sortir! c'est superbe, les mélodies, la voix, l'orchestration, tout est beau, cela fait rêver...c'est magique!! Merci, merci!”


“The album comes out! This is superb, the melodies, the voice, orchestration, everything is beautiful, it's been dreaming... It's magic!! Thank you, thank you!” - Cathy Sunpalace

“Je découvre cette artiste très belle tassiture et mélodies bien arrangées oui c'est très agréable à écouter bravo.”


“I discovered this artist’s very beautiful tessitura and well-arranged melodies yes it is very pleasant to listen to bravo” – Julie Fourny

“I've never heard of you until now but i will be listening to your music and i hope you continue to chase your dreams”.

“I’ve found another amazing artist to listen to while writing. Check out @EleniViolaris”

“I followed the link on your Twitter page and have been listening to some of your songs. Really pretty and magical music!” - Justine, via Twitter

“Beautiful voice, can't wait to get the album!!!” - Tim Phillips

“Enthralling, can not wait to hear your voice, such clarity. Good luck and God bless you"

- John Wilkes

“Beautiful voice” :) - solacemoon

“Si Sigurd...this is the music I was showing you on new year's eve.”

Tanya Roebuck: She's awesome!”

Paul Watson: “She is rather, she's worked with Andrea Bocelli and Katherine Jenkins and that's a hell of an endorsement in itself but the whole family have music running through their veins.”

Paula Morrissey: “New music for 2015 I think. They are fully funded now and you should be seeing their music for sale soon. I think they are amazing. What do you think?”

Frater Mevakesh: “I wonder if that is Elvish she speaks at the beginning of the video?”

Paula Morrissey: “Could be Anglo-Saxon”

Frater Mevakesh: “It flows with eloquence. If it is Anglo-Saxon then I'm up for learning it. My friend Paul finds Anglo Saxon really interesting.”

Cynthia Stevens: “I like this ..thank you for introducing it.”

Frater Mevakesh: “If Eleni is speaking Anglo-Saxon then the female voice delivers the language with Grace. It sounds harsh spoken in the video above.”

Paul Watson: “Yup that's definitely Anglo-Saxon, It's basically old German, so anyone with a half decent grasp of modern German will find it easier to get to grips with. Having said that many of our modern English words are easily recognisable even if some are spelled differently.”

"Found this on Facebook and was truly impressed. Great ideas and such a voice. When and where can I get the album/cd...? I think your voice has notes and tones of Kate Bush and Enya..." - Tony, via Facebook

“Beautiful work of art, Eleni - Thank you!” - Mark New

"Hello Eleni, are there any plans for shows in Germany? All the best from Bocholt"

- Jochen, Germany

“How is the CD release coming on? Is it available to buy off amazon yet?? Or where else?. can't wait.” - Pauline Stevens (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

“Love the album, particularly like how believe in magic is the first and last track. Anglo-Saxon sounds awesome” - Michael Warsop

(Selston, UK)

“Superbe, vous m'envoutez avec ce son et paroles”


“Superb, what you give me with these sounds and words” - Philippe Arnaud

“Am listening: Too beautiful: Bravo to you” - Renée Simono

“Eleni, it's so kind of you to take the time and reply to your fans’ comments! Thank you! You made my day and warm wishes on this Easter Sunday” - Melanie Healy

Paula Morrissey: “This looks amazing. I bet Si will love it, looks just up his street. I love how they describe this path, it shows how you can connect and it doesn't matter if your wand is a cubit, or your candles are the right colour. Real magic as your ancestors would have embraced it.”

Paul Watson: “I’ll email Eleni in the early New Year to say how blown away I am with it and ask if there's a release date yet. I can think of several people who might be interested and one or two that may well get a copy for their birthday. Best way I know of to casually promote something is to play it in the car when I'm running friends around.”

Paula Morrissey: “We've got quite a nice pagan community here in Facebook land too. People are always looking for good music.”

Paul Watson: “I’d thought of that too, it would appeal across the board.”

“Beautiful voice! Would love that talent, keeping my singing to the shower and car.”

- Kerri Beth, via Twitter

“Your music is so beautiful, and I went along perfectly a scene I was writing. Have a beautiful day! - MK McClintock

“Is your new release available in all record outlets?” - Jonathan Clossick

”Just checked your website, what an amazing voice and music! :)” - Alicja Ayres

“Do you have any previous cd's? I love the composition of your music and your beautiful voice!”

- Sherri Cufley

“A couple years ago, on the strength of what I'd heard on this video and my love of all things Anglo-Saxon I became a backer in the hope that enough people would do the same and I could own the finished product. Well. in my inbox this morning were the links to the finished 24-bit master, the 16-bit cd and mp3, all 3 gigabytes of them. Needless to say I had the cd files down and burnt as soon as I could and in the hi-fi before 7 am. I am a very happy bunny, the finished item is a massive production and for anyone who likes the magical mystical mythical theme, I wholly recommend it. Unfortunately, the master has only just been sent off for duplicating so it won't be available for a tiny bit longer, and I'll get back with the release date when I know it” - Paul Watson