Our in-house composer, Adam Violaris, composed all the classical cues for the series, including the beautiful and standout 'Florence Cue' in the first episode, which featured Eleni singing a soprano aria in Italian. The 'Seven Ages of Britain' series led to us developing and writing a unique ‘fantasy’ concept album inspired by Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Greek myths and legends entitled, 'Rainstriker'. Sung by Eleni in a striking blend of English and Anglo-Saxon, the album fuses pop, classical, crossover, folk and New Age music with ethnic and film-music style arrangements by Adam. The album was released on our own indie label in June 2015, gaining traction in 45 countries and 127 cities, including in the US. After America’s premier digital radio station, Pandora, put the album on its playlists, CD and digital download sales, as well as streaming figures, have sky-rocketed, with US fans taking Eleni and the album to heart and helping gain numerous 5 Star* Amazon and iTunes reviews, as well as thousands of amazing fan comments. To hear the album, including the radio single, 'Believe in Magic' (first heard in the UK on Classic FM & LBC Radio) and to read the 5-Star* Amazon & iTunes reviews, as well as numerous testimonials from within the entertainment industry,