Eleni Violaris was born in London to a family of professional musicians. Her father is of Greek heritage and her mother, Welsh. Eleni, who sings and plays the piano, flute and guitar, has been making music & taking part in professional recordings since she was five years old. As a youngster, Eleni recorded children’s solo & chorus parts on a double CD recording of a contemporary music drama entitled, ‘El Cid’, written & composed by her father (Andonis Violaris) in discussion with Placido Domingo. Andonis also wrote, composed & produced songs for the "60-million” album-selling artist, Demis Roussos.

At 12 years of age, Eleni, together with her younger brother Adam Violaris, performed & sang on a recording to help support and promote environmental causes. Eleni’s stand-out solo vocal performance on the single attracted the attention of and impressed record label executives at Sony Music & Polydor, who considered possibly signing Eleni in the future. Eleni is also an actress & classical ballet dancer, who considered a career in dance after being talent scouted for the Royal Academy of Dance but decided on a professional music career instead.

Eleni went straight from college to singing, composing & writing songs (words & music) for major  landmark BBC arts programmes, including the 12-part BBC Two series, ‘Francesco’s Mediterranean Voyage’ & the BBC One David Dimbleby series ‘Seven Ages of Britain’, in which she worked alongside her brother, Adam Violaris, also a composer on the series, as well as her father, who was an executive music producer on the series. Eleni performed all the vocal cues on the ‘Seven Ages of Britain’ series, including co-writing & performing the end title song in Anglo-Saxon; a concept she developed for the series. Eleni also co-wrote & performed a number of songs & cues in Latin and Hindi. Eleni also recorded two Italian arias, written & composed by Adam Violaris. It was the Italian aria for the scene of David Dimbleby in Renaissance Florence that excited & prompted Sony Classical & Warner Classics & Jazz to offer to release a soundtrack CD of the series. This encouraged Eleni & Adam to write the concept album, ‘Rainstriker’, which Warner's  offered to release back-to-back with the ‘Seven Ages of Britain’ soundtrack CD.

In 2012, Eleni toured with Andrea Bocelli in the UK as a backing singer as part of the acclaimed Crouch End Festival Chorus, which included performances at the 02 Arena & the Birmingham NEC, as well as the televised Classic Brit Awards at the Royal Albert Hall. Eleni has also recorded backing vocals on albums by Katherine Jenkins & Lesley Garrett, again with the CEFC.